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A common deliberate violation of clothing taboos is the removal of the shirt, together with pulling down the pants to show the underpants. Larissa was, as it should be a gymnast, flawlessly-long slender legs, an aspen waist, an elastic chest. See also wardrobe malfunction. Extreme flouting of conventions in this area may earn the label " cross-dressing ". For example, wearing expensive clothes can be due to a combination of being rich liking to spend much money as much as one can afford or even more spending one's money for a large part on clothing managing to obtain clothing cheaper than usual An observer can see the resultant, expensive clothes, but may be wrong about the extent to which the four factors apply. However, sometimes it can specify the opposite, for example, in UK gay jargon, dress codemeans people who dress in a militaristic manner. Personal safety should be

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Of course, the man was very familiar with this girl with the reception desk, which dealt with casual visitors, phone calls and other small things, but the fact that she was also a master of sports, they were very surprised.

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Save the Fashion Industry       Fashion. In Tonga it is illegal for men to appear in public without shirt. Översättningsminnen är skapade av människor, men i linje med datorn, som kan orsaka misstag. For example, groups were shown at outdoor splash areas, frolicking in nothing but their underwear. This is a very efficient way to make use of new findings and contribute to the competitive strength of Swedish industry.

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